Introduction and General Information

As the leader in patient education and web site development for the dental implant community, PBHS is proud to introduce iCastDDS. Produced in conjunction with the LSU School of Dentistry, iCast harnesses the power of the Internet to facilitate the education process and acquisition of CE credit.

Continuing Education - Online!

As a busy practitioner, it is not a simple process to attend courses away from home. You must close your office, travel to a distant location, and possibly reside at a hotel. Courses may be given throughout the next day in an uncomfortable environment. Meanwhile, back at the office, production has halted while staff and overhead expenses continue to be incurred.

iCastDDS changes everything. By delivering high quality, streaming multimedia courses over the World Wide Web, PBHS can provide you with an inexpensive solution to improve your knowledge and management of dental implant surgery and patient care protocols.

How Does it Work?

Point your web browser to iCastDDS and choose from a wide variety of CE accredited, peer-reviewed courses designed specifically for the web. Select the appropriate course from the comfort of your home or office without having to travel, incur expenses or sacrifice office production.

Taking an iCastDDS online presentation saves time and money! Keeping current on dental implant surgery has never been easier.

First-Class Education by First-Class Educators

Multimedia courses provided and delivered by iCastDDS are exclusively presented by highly regarded educators and lecturers in the field of Dental Implant Surgery. Each course hosted by iCastDDS is peer reviewed and sponsored by the LSU School of Dentistry, which is accredited by the ADA.

Personal Course Management (PCS)

iCastDDS’s sophisticated course management system is designed to efficiently supervise and track your account settings, CE credits, certificates, and course notes along with many other preferences. PCS is an incredibly valuable, time-saving service that will help you better manage your CE requirements.

Broaden Your Knowledge Base with iCast

Throughout each course, you will have access to Original Lecture Reviews, Case Presentations and Key References. Any notes you take with your online note pad during the course are stored within your account. Upon your completion of the course, a Post Didactic Exam is given. A CE Certificate is granted upon completion.  

Who Can Use iCast?

iCastDDS is developed for any member of the dental implant team - the surgeon, the restorative dentist as well as any professional interested in dental implant restoration.  

For more information, call PBHS at 1-800-840-5383.